Part 2: Daily Thoughts and Ideas for the Weary Brian Norris

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DAY 15

Today's Thought: In a society that teaches us to always wear our armor, expand our "personal space" & to keep strangers at a distance, is it any surprise that so many suffer from touch deprivation?

Practice receiving touch daily. Touch grounds us, connects us & heals us. It's better than any medication & one on the few things that the pharmaceuticals haven't patented yet! :)


DAY 16

Today's Thought: We can excel at what we do & still remain humble. I am aware that these skills & abilities are essentially on loan. We should strive to refine them, to share them, to make a living from them. But staying humble makes it possible to get better & enjoy these gifts with each passing day.


DAY 17

Today's Thought: Superstitions and folklore are fine as long as they don't pin you into a holding pattern of fear or limitations. Rise above someone else's story. Break the glass. Open the umbrella indoors. Walk under the ladder. Say the word that you shouldn't. You'll be okay! :)


DAY 18

Today's Thought: One of the many things I've learned as a natural healer is that there is seldom one "right" way to do anything. It's okay to mix & match where you (& spirit) see fit. What matters most is that you finished what you started & done so with love & gratitude.


DAY 19

Today's Thought: I'm at a point in my journey through life where little of what takes place on the world stage surprises or shocks me anymore. I just find myself asking why it took so long to finally happen.


DAY 20

Today's Thought: The fact that you & I are still around, despite all the things that could've happened to us between now & yesterday, tells me that we have an important role to play in humanity's next great evolution.

It might be rough for awhile, but keep going. And don't let the little annoyances deter you. The most famous chapters of your life are about to be written!


DAY 21

Today's Thought: Some say that laziness is the biggest deterrence to doing the work that needs to be done to get you to whatever your next destination may be. I say that more often, it is hopelessness or fearfulness masquerading as laziness.

Fearful people die broke and hungry. They die envious of the people who took chances and worked to get what they wanted, despite their fears. So do what you need to do to get over it (not alcohol & not narcotics)! Go to the source of your fears. Why are feeling so hopeless? What’s holding on to you and what are you still holding on to that stopping you in your tracks? Talk about it. Write about it. Get support. No matter what, get off your butt and keep going!


DAY 23

Today's Thought: One thing that I (re)learned on vacation is that Television STILL sucks. Literally. It sucks away your morale, & inhibits your ability to think for yourself, your ability to not judge people.

I don't care how pretty your TV screen is, I advise turning it off (especially the "news") as often as possible. Once you turn it off, put the remote in a hard to get to spot, far from the couch, the bed or recliner.

You might be thinking, " But I like to be informed on what is happening in the world." It's good to be informed. How many times do we really need to be informed about the same event?

It turns from news into sensationalism very quickly. If someone was shot 10 minutes ago, do we need to be reminded they were shot over & over, then be told to pause for a moment of silence, then told to write my senator to support a bill to erect a statue in their honor?

Plus, having to endure long commercials bites!!


DAY 24

Today's Thought : PERMISSION GRANTED!!! If anyone asks you who gave you permission to live joyfully, unrestrained, unrestricted and unapologetically, tell 'em I did. :)


DAY 25

Today's Thought: When consumed with anger put on a pair of boxing gloves, find a punching bag & beat away. Sweat it out, scream it out, deep tissue massage it out. It's vital to expel anger from your system before it poisons your body & pollutes your mind for good. All the monsters we read about were once loving people until anger got the best of them.


DAY 26

Today's Thought: While guilt may keep many a truly bad person on the straight and narrow, it also keeps many a good person confined; essentially exiled from exploring their options. Sure you could have the flank steak but if the filet is available too (and you can afford it) then why deprive yourself? I say it's far better to deprive guilt of the power it has over you by living a life that allows you be good to yourself most of the time.


DAY 27

Today's Thought: Seek out nurturing touch often. The loving, consensual touch of another can vanquish our demons & summon our angels. I like to believe that every time we demonstrate the willingness to give & receive touch we buy humanity a little more time to get it right. Individually, we move a step closer to becoming the enlightened, transcendent beings we were 1st intended to be.


DAY 28

Today's Thought: Enjoy getting paid for doing what you enjoy doing for as long as you can. You never know what tomorrow brings! And if you're getting paid to do something you really "hate" doing then maybe it's a good time to look at your other options.


DAY 29

Today's Thought: What would you do if you woke up one day to discover that all of the money in the world was worthless? How would you go about acquiring the things you needed on an ongoing basis? How would you determine value for the work you do, or the products or services you currently offer? Start planning ahead. Make a contingency plan.

In the event of an economic collapse, and the stores are emptied, the things of value to function as currency will be batteries, toiletries, chocolates, fuel, alcohol, tobacco products, playing cards, chewing gum, bullets, water and water filters, lip balm &, sunscreen. It will be a while before people easily transport and trade with gold or silver on a daily basis.


DAY 30

Today's Thought: The way to avoid becoming helpless is to pour ourself into being "helpmore." We help more by being excellent in our tasks, however trivial.

We help more by listening to others. We help more by offering genuine kindness, thoughtfulness & humor. We help more by following through on the promise of taking care of ourselves so that we can be in position to support others in their moments of need.


DAY 31

Today's Thought: The uncertainty of life makes it wise to give yourself ample room to recover in all matters big & small.

For example, when the alarm you set on your iPhone fails to go off through no fault of your own, it is smart that you factored in an extra hour between the time you set & the time you REALLY had to get up. Expect for life to differ than "how you planned it" & you'll be alright.


DAY 32

Today's Thought: The ability to overcome difficult times is anchored in your capacity to
1) look at the "bright side" (however dim or logically absurd),
2) keep going just to prove the naysayers wrong, or
3) find strength in solitude or comfort in the company of a select inner circle of people who share your ambitions.

Choose one, and keep going!


DAY 33

Today's Thought: Once we wrap our heads around the idea that time is more circular than it is linear, we see that that we can affect our past just as easily as we plot our future.

We can control time, tear a rift in the time/space continuum at our choosing. What matters most though, is this moment. If you stop reliving the past or obsessing over the future you'd see how beautiful the present can be.

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